Bexy’s Fibreglass Horse and Selina

I was one of those rare winter-to-spring Sundays where it’s cold but the sunshine is flooding in through all the windows.  One of those days where you don’t quite know how you managed it, but a gang of you managed to hook up for once without hardly even trying.

Adam hugs

Zoe and Selina
Bexy Laughing
What brought us together was Bexy’s fibreglass horse.  She bought it off eBay for 12 quid and she had big plans for it.
So we assembled at Bexy’s new place near Old Street and stood around.  It perched on its four tiptoes (do you call them tiptoes?) and was an elegant if tired-looking structure.  We set to bring it up to date – turn it from a shabby forgotten piece to an equine masterpiece.
I’ll be straight with you right now: fundamentally we are aiming to make this horse into a unicorn.  Cos every horse ultimately wants to be a unicorn, right?  We are yet to attach the unicorn horn, but that will be Part 2 of the project.
Together we sanded down the horse (soon-to-be unicorn), inhaling as little of the fine dust as we possibly could.  It floated around in the rays of sunshine.  Then we dragged the horse outside onto the balcony where we sprayed it blue and gold (and lightly dusted my left-foot converse at the same time, which now has a rather sexy metallic sheen).  While it dried we had a go at setting up other bits and pieces around the flat.  Chaos ensued.
We drank lashings of coffee and a little beer and champagne (to welcome Bexy into her new home).  Crisps and houmous were another staple of our Sunday snacks.  Maybe you shouldn’t really drink on a Sunday afternoon when you KNOW you’ve got a trek back West to get home and you KNOW you’ve got work the next day to slot your weekend mind back into… but sometimes those snatched Sundays are the best.
Girls on sofa
I also took the opportunity to take some profile shots of Selina Barker.  If you don’t already know Selina Barker, you should try to get to know her.  She is a career coach and a dear friend of mine: passionate, genuine, sharp, with a leaning towards the adventurous.  Here is her blog:
B&W Selina 2
Selina Sunshine
So, it was a day where we got together, worked together, joked together, and got slightly tipsier than we oughta together.

And… la piece de resistance… the horse itself, with proud owner Bexy breaking it in.  As everyone knows, you can’t break in a good unicorn without a bottle of champagne.  Et voila.

Bexy on Horse