Claire, Milliner

Claire is a Milliner.  For years she has created puppets and shapes and hats and her workspace has always been a hotchpotch of weird and wonderful things.

She asked me to photograph her studio, and I did.  It’s a tiny treasure trove of antiquities and and thingymejigs and allsorts.  She says sometimes she’ll look up at something she’s kept and it will inspire her, or make her feel good, or conjure up a memory, all of which will feeds into her creative process in some way.


There’s an order to it.  Not immediately apparent.  But if I ask her for something she knows where to find it.  It’s all pretty much a lean-in-the-chair and an arm stretch away.

This is her den.  Her shed.  It’s only at the bottom of her garden.  This is her hideout.

It’s a good place to take photos.  I stood in a few places and tried to capture as much as possible.  There were characters and textures everywhere to catch the eye.

These things, for example, are hideous.  But that’s why she likes them.


And then there are the things she has created herself, over the years, as she has developed and fine tuned her craft.  I took a few shots of these, and Claire at work; hope you enjoy.








I’ll leave you with an image of Claire’s cat, suffering from a recent altercation with the neighbour’s feline.