I’ve worked behind the scenes on numerous events, photographing for organisations such as Boohoo.com, the BBC, Daily Mail, The Housing Forum, Nikon and Tresemme. I’m an experienced writer and have written up articles for the BBC, MySpace, Sony, as well as a blog for Nikon about one of my favourite activities… photographing parties. Here’s a selection of promo work I’ve done… A promo pic for Irish writer and actor Aoife Nic Ardghail: IMG_8549 Shooting a fantastic Grandmaster Flash party courtesy of Patron: 17381341742_30c70ceda5_k 16763075753_1b468cdb4b_k 17195413558_1252e2d58f_k


Hanging out at a J W Anderson / Nikon event: 9479044151_b2542a02cf_z   9478597925_08f7712d2f_z Meeting Mr Motivator at Pineapple Studios, as he led a workout with a Daily Mail journalist: 8906676678_77c6391487_z 8906666528_3e1bc726f3_z