Luke O'Shea-Phillips wedding dancing

One of the things I love about photography is that it’s given me an insight into different lifestyles, careers, people and communities.  I’ve mooched around a high fashion studio, I’ve been on stage with Grandmaster Flash, danced in Pinewood Studios, and explored hotel rooms in The Shard.

I explore the lives and lifestyles of people around me.  Everyone has a story; something that makes them come alive – I aim to find and reflect this in my photographs.

There are a lot of photographers out there – so here are a few reasons why you may want me for the job.  Get in touch if:

You want someone who cares as much about the end result as I do.  My goal is to present your event or portraits realistically and beautifully.

You want the time and space to enjoy your event and a photographer to work around you.  My style is reportage; I don’t organise shots but I DO capture the spirit of everything as it happens.

You want quality photographs to promote your work, your event, to reflect your life and to use time and time again.

You want someone to document the little details you may miss or overlook on the day.

You want at your disposal, a friendly and enthusiastic professional, eager to get STUCK IN!  You’ll receive a flexible and personalised service.

Contact me if you like what I do and you think it’ll work with what you do!!

Thanks a million,

Nicola Arber