Middleman hit Camden’s Monarch

The guys in Middleman – the band Middleman, that is – are great entertainers.


And when I say that, I don’t mean in the way that everyone says: “Ooo that Robbie Williams, what a great entertainer”.  I mean in the way that: you turn up, they turn up, they give it their all, and you inevitably find yourself sucked into the music.

How to describe it… their concoction of meaty bass, bouncy beats and fizzy synths…  They do it beautifully: “Imagine if ‘Parklife’ was fatter, dirtier, sexier & you could dance to it rather than just jump up & down”.  That’s exactly what it is.

When I arrived at Camden’s Monarch pub, the crowd were watching politely from the sidelines, sucking on drinks straws.  So Middleman used their energy and music to fuel a rebellion.




Lead singer Andy bowled around the stage, interacting with the audience, gesturing wildly, singing, rapping.  Slurpy and Krish joyfully cranked out drums and guitar.  From behind, Lee’s deadlocks flew around with a mind of their own, vibrating with warm bass.




Capturing this action on camera was challenging but fun.  I had my new lens with me, I was keen to try it out.  I don’t think you’re supposed to dance around with hundreds of pounds worth of camera kit, but hell I couldn’t help myself.  I made sure to keep at least one foot on the ground at any given time.  That’s ok, right?


Through the course of the gig, Middleman transmitted energy from stage to crowd.  It began with an occasional whoop.  A few more shouts.  Loud applause.  Before we knew it, there was the necessary stage dive… then people clamouring for CDs and vinyl.


I risked life and limb (well, my new lens at least) to bring you these pictures.  Enjoy.