Pedestrian. Mon Dieu!

I bumped into my boss on the bus one day.  He asked me what I was doing on the weekend.  I told him I was going to an exhibition in an East End warehouse, curated by friends, which incorporated the talents of European artists, and featured live music performances.

YES.  Back of the net.  How cultured did I sound?  And I wasn’t even lying.


This East End warehouse is fantastic.  It’s just a house, where real people live.

I always tell people about one feature of the place.  There’s a fireman’s pole from the mezzanine bedrooms straight into the cavernous living area.  I just think that’s brilliant.  Not that I would go down a fireman’s pole – it’s actually quite high from the top.  But I like to know it’s there.  In case of emergencies.



The place has always attracted a bunch of creatives.  And Alain Bremond, debonair French musician with the looks of Benicio Del Toro and the warmth of Holly Willoughby, is one of them.  The other weekend he curated an art event centred around the theme of his recent new album: Pedestrian.



The artwork reflected the word ‘Pedestrian’ and everything it stands for.  I remember chatting to Alain last summer and he was distraught about his album’s title.  He’d picked it as it reflected his music so well.  He imagined the walker, the pedestrian, striding to the beat of his music.  And then shortly afterwards a friend pointed out that the word also has connotations of boring, middle of the road – everything he’d hoped his album was not.

Well, it looks like Alain came to terms with the word.  The event embraced all definitions of Pedestrian.  There were the little touches, the everyday, presented out of context, and THAT was what made it special.




Check out his music here:

If there are any future events, I’ll be sure to let you know…

Edit: Hello! For anyone who may be interested, the next event is happening this Sunday 2nd June. Full details are on this Facebook page here:

I highly recommend this – is a fab original day out and totally freeeee!