Running Wild: WildLive Festival

Some people just make things happen.  This… is Tom.


He’s looking pretty smug in this pic after a successful Saturday night.  Tom wanted to put on a festival a few years ago, and so he scoped out what he’d need to do.  And did it.  The result is WildLive, a teeny tiny festival that’s been running for a few years, with us, our mates, music, guaranteed sunshine and rain and rainbows every single year.  Without fail. We use it as an opportunity to let loose in a field for a few days, eat bbq’d food and dance around like mad things.  Last year there were events: live music, the quad bike obstacle course, the poi challenge, the Not In Hill Carnival… and many happy smiling people, like these… 15844033918_359c7560f1_k   16031155635_0ab9ee9c45_k 15843689958_42ab4c8f12_k   15844986309_dc4f911a73_z 15845732197_fc44515b09_z 16028664092_269b114d36_z 15843781019_5bdd4cf8c1_z 15406145374_a1039fe88f_k 16028553012_5f7723c452_k 15841122358_c5c7760bc2_k 15844190557_4abffa6d67_k 16004460456_7403c48f13_k 15844947827_e986575f1d_k